This is a section of old rubber inner tube, the sides are stitched with rubber lacing also cut from an inner tube. Use a hole puncher and thread the lacing through so that the rubber doesn’t split or tear. The bag is laced at the sides and the flap attached in the same way. The handles are rubber thong threaded through the holes and knotted at the back. I used a small button to fasten it and punched a larger hole in the flap for the button to close.


Small scraps of rubber inner tubes, held together with beads or buttons. These make use of left over pieces that are too small to do anything else with.

Scraps of leather decorated with beads and buttons. These only take a few minutes to make, just cut to the size required and join the open ends by sewing on small beads or buttons.

Made from bicycle inner tube and scraps of rubber. The top one is knotted together and the others threaded on to rubber thong.